quarta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2014

The European Dream Is Based On A ‘Equals Around A Table’ Metaphor

«I believe a successful European story would have three characteristics (...) :
It should be derived from the recognised history of the Union to be credible and it should draw on known mythology to be forcefull. That is, it should build a bridge between the Union’s known history and the mythology of the continent – Union and European.It should be sufficiently concrete to convey a sense of shared familiarity and vivid enough to stir emotions enough to create belonging, community and engagement. That is, it should build on local lives and let the means fit the message.It should shield the Union from its most obvious weaknesses and it should give direction to future actions. That is, it should help determine what the ‘small things’ and what the ‘big things’ are.»

Rune Kier Nielsen is a speechwriter in the Danish Ministry for Climate, Energy and Building and a former advisor for Copenhagen City on issues of integration and diversity associated with the World Forum for Democracy under the European Council.