quarta-feira, 7 de maio de 2014

Goodbye To Social Europe

«The newest Flash Eurobarometer 398 focuses on working conditions and was published on the same day - 28 April - as a Conference of the European Commission on the same topic. The Commission announced that this survey was carried out in the 28 Member States in early April 2014 and that 26,571 respondents from different social and demographic groups were interviewed via telephone (landline and mobile phone) in their mother tongue.

The survey reveals that “more than 80% of respondents in Denmark, Luxembourg, Finland and The Netherlands consider working conditions in their country to be good” – so a Commission press release states. The Eurobarometer poll tries to give the impression that an overwhelming majority is satisfied and bad working conditions are an exception. Indeed some responses could support the impression that workers are happy with their working conditions. If you read it carefully, however, it shows that this is not the case.
(...) Then the supporter of a change of course should promote some arguments against the impression that everything is fine in the best of all possible European worlds – and against the propaganda that there is no alternative.»

Tempo para pensar

'I don't see a lot of organizations that actually encourage employees to reflect, or give them time to do it', reflects Francesca Gino. They should, the research of Gino and colleagues bears out. Employees who take time to reflect on their work learn more deeply and are more productive. The lesson? Give your workers time away from work to make their work better.

adapt. apud Sean Silverthorne