quinta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2014

Xi Jinping: Pursuing a new political concept for the world


“Our system will be improved and the superiority of our socialist system will be fully demonstrated through a brighter future,” Xi said. “We should have firm confidence in our path, in our theories and in our system.” “The selection of path is a life-or-death issue for the future of the CPC,” he told the new leadership. “We should unswervingly uphold socialism with Chinese characteristics.” He called for the new leadership to enhance their study and practice of the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, accelerate the construction of a moderately prosperous society, improve the people’s livelihoods, strengthen Party-building and deepen reform and opening up. Emphasizing the importance of the rule of law in building a moderately prosperous society, Xi called on CPC members to take the lead to ensure the implementation of the constitution and act in accordance with the law. “The people should be able to enjoy justice and fairness in every legal case,” Xi said. “To forge iron, one’s own self must be strong,” Xi said. “Our job is to work with all CPC members to supervise our own conduct through strict disciplines and effectively solve major problems within the Party.”
Apud The China Times (17 Março 2013)