quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2016

Ideias para a UE

Jyrki Katainen

In a fast-changing world, Europe needs new ideas and new initiatives to achieve long-term sustainable growth that will make the continent more resilient, more competitive, and more innovative. At the European Commission, we have been working hard to complete the Single Market, build out a Capital Markets Union, and strengthen growth with our flagship plans for investment. We are not operating in a vacuum, however, and are always eager to hear new proposals and suggestions, especially from a broad public.

In that context, we have been pleased to support the McKinsey Global Institute’s initiative to crowdsource ideas for growth-oriented reforms through its “Opportunity for Europe essay contest. It is very encouraging for us to see that, at a time of some public scepticism about European institutions, there is still a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the European project, and high expectations for policy reforms.
The number of submissions to the essay contest, the range of the ideas that were aired, and the breadth of participation from people around the globe, all are causes for hope and optimism. This shows that, even in complicated times, there are many creative people— and not only in Europe—with strong ideas about the future of our continent, and its unique form of political and economic integration. It is very timely and important that we debate a comprehensive strategy for the European Union, together and constructively. (…)

Jyrki Katainen, Vice Presidente da Comissão Europeia, in Mckinsey Global Institute